Wearing cocktail rings – A style guide for the fashionista

Hey fashionista, do you think cocktail rings are made with the semi-precious gem stones like aquamarine, amethyst, pink sapphire, ruby? Are they still considered as a fashion statement? Could you wear them either for special occasions or on a normal day? Well, if you take a retrospective look on this fashion trend, you will see that there was a time when the only people who used to wear these cocktail rings were who lived in Miami. Though people made fun of them, they were actually ahead of their time in wearing cocktail rings.

Cocktail rings – They have the splash but are cheaper than diamond

Cocktail rings, as you will find them at Opulent, are those rings which have a huge (more than 3 carat) colored stone and which are one of the best ways of adding a little bit of spice to your accessories. The best part about them is that they’re cheaper than what a diamond ring costs you. Due to too much of controversy about conflicting diamonds, there have been several fashionistas who have chosen the non-conflict semi-precious stones apart from diamond for their engagement.

Wearing cocktail rings – A short guide

For all those who have large hands and whose near ones can’t afford a diamond ring for their hands, cocktail rings are best options. There are basically 2 types of cocktail rings; one is the type that is made from semi-precious stone like Citrine, Ruby and Amethyst. Their usual cost is around $500 to more than $1000. The other type is the one that is made of less costly stones like Blue Topaz, Crystal or Cubic Zirconia.

If you choose a ring which has got a single focal stone and the stone is less than 10 carats in size, you can certainly wear it everyday. But make sure that the inexpensive versions are usually gaudier than the costlier versions and for this reason, unless you’re eager to have that gaudy look, you should only wear those rings for occasions.

What to look for in a cocktail ring?

  • Look for single focal stone rings: It is better if you can choose a ring which has got one big focal stone. In case you get a ring which has got several other stones, they should be able to complement the focal stone and not distract the attention from the main stone.
  • Choose stones which are darker: If you choose stones which are darker in color, it will complement your fall wardrobe. For some unknown reasons, the lighter stones made of semi-precious gems are usually copied and hence you should stay original.
  • Ditch the cubic zirconia: Is you ultimate goal ‘Fake it till you make it’? If answered no, you should consciously avoid the CZ. They usually give you the unnecessary gaudy look which automatically makes the ring look cheaper as well.

So, now that you know the ways in which you can choose the best cocktail rings for creating your style statement, target the wonderful selection of rings which range for $8.

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May 7, 2018