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Top 5 Soap Opera Romances of All Time

Viewers tune in to watch soap operas for the dramatic plot twists and romance. There have been many great romances over the years on soap operas, some of which have lasted for decades. Here is a look at the top five best soap opera romances of all time.

1. Brooke Logan and Ridge Forrester

This “Bold and the Beautiful” couple have been together on the show since the late 1980s, making them one of the longest-tenured couples on the list. Over the years, their romance has been very passionate and stormy. They have broken up many times, but their love always brings them back together ultimately. They have been married four times on the show.

2. Bo Brady and Hope Williams

The first soap opera I watched was “Days of Our Lives,” and that gives me a real soft spot in my heart of this couple. They have been together now for three decades, which makes them one of the most iconic couples in soap opera history. They are the perfect love story of a rich girl and a rebel from the wrong side of the tracks. Let’s hope that they will be together for three more decades of adventure.

3. Victor Newman and Nikki Reed

This couple from “The Young and the Restless” is another example of the great sparks that fly when people from different classes fall in love. Victor is the epitome of a cultured gentleman. When he met Nikki, she was as stripper. That hasn’t stopped them from repeatedly falling in love and breaking up for decades. They have displayed one of the stormiest relationships in soaps, but fans know they are soul mates in the end.

4. Luke Spencer and Laura Webber

This is one of the most bizarre couples in soap operas, and that is saying something. They fell in love after Luke raped Laura, which is a storyline that probably couldn’t be told today. Back in 1983, the audiences ate it up. Their wedding episode on “General Hospital” is the highest-rated episode in soap opera history.

5. John Black and Marlena Evans

Another couple from my favorite soap opera, “Days of Our Lives,” John and Marlena have always seemed to be the most sophisticated couple in soaps. They have a love that seems timeless, and this timeless quality is really appealing in these technologically advanced days of things like long distance Canada and digital TV. Here’s hoping they’re still together when the TVs are holographic.