Destinations for Getting Married

Top 3 Destinations for Getting Married Amidst an Enticing Mediterranean Setting

The Mediterranean regions are among the most famous destinations amongst tourists and couples alike. For couples, it is the beaches and islands that entice them the most. This is because most couples love to get married in breezy outdoors flanked by waters. Such a venue is no less than a fabled wonderland for them. This is something that the Mediterranean destinations never fail to offer. So, if you wish to get married in the Mediterranean, you would be certainly looking for the best destinations. However, you might get confused when it comes to choosing from one destination from among the several ones. Greece, Italy, Cyprus, Malta – there are many to choose from. As a fact, there is no right or wrong choice in this case because each couple will have their own preference as per their discerning taste and interest. However, a few Mediterranean regions are such that they make a unique impression when one talks about wedding in the Mediterranean. There are various reasons for the same, such as publicity due to celebrity weddings, great sceneries, pristine beaches, and famous film locations. Anyways, here are top 3 destinations that you can consider for your wedding.


This is the perfect place for all types of weddings such as chapel, bay view, town, private island, hotel, and countryside. Of all the islands such as Aegean, Santorini, and Ionian; Santorini witnesses maximum number of weddings every year. There are many reasons why foreign weddings are held in Santorini: Best sunset vistas, boutique hotels, great beachside venues, cheerful locals, whitewashed hamlets upon the cliffs overlooking the sea as backdrop, and memorable winery weddings. You will be convinced if you just tend to take a look at photos of this biggest Greek island. For an unforgettable wedding experience on this island, just browse through through which you can know all the details for planning such a big day on such a big island.


This is among the most enticing Mediterranean destinations, which is famous for celebrity weddings. As a fact, several Hollywood stars have celebrated their wedding ceremonies in Italy since a few past years. Recently, Italy was much in gossip due to the much exposed wedding of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise. Couples who prefer to wed in Italy have plenty of choices when it comes to selecting the dreamiest venues. They can choose a private rustic farmhouse, exclusive private villa, luxury castle in the striking Italian countryside. Of late, destination weddings are gaining much more popularity because such a wedding can save considerable amount of money at times. However, this depends on the venue and destination you pick. Furthermore, for a destination wedding, very few people are invited as guests. This facilitates for a more affordable, intimate, and friendly occasion.


This is the best Mediterranean destination for those who do not prefer getting married beachside. Not all couples in this world like to have a beach wedding. Malta is a small, striking island at the center of the Mediterranean! It is not so that Malta has no great beaches but the main reason why several couples choose Malta as their wedding destination is its trimness and limitless attractions all entailed in this small region. A land of not even 350 sq. km. in area offers the most ancient free standing structures of the world, several outstanding architectural sites, unique culture, myriad of exquisite restaurants, and friendly locals. This is the reason why the small islands here have been dubbed as ‘open air museum’. All these attractions are bound to make your wedding a perfect day.

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