Surviving Stress at Work

The march of technology means that work is only getting more stressful. It promises to liberate us personally, but the powerful computing technology you can carry in your pocket or bag as a phone, a tablet or a laptop has a shackling effect on your personal life. With a work phone you are attached to your office, your manager, your responsibilities 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and if they don’t keep the same reasonable hours you do, your life is subject to disruption.

Today we’re taking a look at the stressful world of work and helping to provide some strategies for survival.

Havens, Boundaries, Boltholes and Sanctuaries

It’s important to carve out clearly defined parts of your life that are immune from the reach of work. Whether they are geographical – like a room in your house where you don’t take your phone or look at email to allow you to really relax – or temporal, like making it clear you’ll be unavailable from 7pm on workdays and sticking to that boundary.

While this takes care of your out of office hours, what can you do when stress strikes in the middle of the working day?

Finding a few bolt holes near your office you can retreat to during your lunch break to recover is a vital way to fight back about the rising tide of stress. Whether it’s a café you can escape to where you know won’t run into any difficult colleagues, or somewhere central you can go for a relaxing beauty treatment like Skinsmith’s Skin Clinic, Liverpool Street. This lets you disappear into a bubble for a short time, where the stress cannot reach you, and you can return to address the issues feeling more sure of your footing.

Standing Your Ground

One of the main sources of stress at work is when the demands of the workplace rub against your personal boundaries and capabilities: the demand for results that reaches beyond what you can comfortably do with a day’s work, the new project that stretches beyond your training and experience with no additional resources.

Learning how to safely stand your ground at work is very important. While it would put anyone in a very emotional state to dictated to like this, you need to present your case coolly. It can make you feel even more stressed to have to control your reactions, but the pay off in the long term, as you establish a trusted relationship with a manager that allows you to give honest feedback like this.

Explaining why the pressures put on you are impractical and could lead to bad outcomes for the business may not get a better result for you every time, but it will allow you to be more honest at work, find tasks that fit your skillset and over time, help you feel less swamped and less stressed.

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October 4, 2018