Signs Of A Fertility Problem

Signs Of A Fertility Problem

It seems that people are getting pregnant and having babies every single day. You are healthy, and take care of yourself, but it seems as though you are the only one that is not getting pregnant. Statistically, it can take time to get pregnant, but some people are able to with little difficulty. After months of trying, you are getting discourages, but you are not sure if it is time to make an appointment with a Denver infertility doctor yet. You may not realize it yet, but there are some signs you need to look for that will tell you that it is time to find a fertility specialist.

When to Know it’s Time for An Expert

There are specialist that handle a variety of different problems including getting pregnant and starting a family. Some couples wait until they have been trying for at least six months to a year to get pregnant before they seek help, but you really do not have to wait that long. There are some things to take into consideration that will also let you know that it is time to get expert help.

Here are the signs that you need to make an appointment with an infertility doctor in Denver:

•    Your age: Back in the day, it used to be said that a woman who was over 35 should not have a baby. However, in this day and age women are having babies beyond the age of 35.  Usually, women over a certain age have more trouble conceiving than someone who is in their middle 20’s.  If you are 35, or close to it, than you do need to consider seeing a specialist. Though you may be healthy, after a certain age it does become more difficult to get pregnant.

•    A history of miscarriages:  Sometimes a woman cannot carry a baby, and she ends up losing that baby. Miscarriages are common, but too many of them can be a sign of something else going on.  Typically, miscarriages can mean that you do have an infertility issue, and a specialist can deal with it and make sure you carry your child to full term.

You want to have a child, but so far you have had little success. It may be time for you to make an appointment with a Denver infertility doctor. Though it does take time to get pregnant, you do not have to wait long if you do not want to. There are signs to look for when it is time to seek an expert, and the sooner you see a specialist the sooner you will get pregnant.