Sherwani Wedding Outfit
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Sherwani for Men-A popular Wedding Outfit

Sherwani is a long garment worn by men and it is a very popular piece of clothing in India. It is commonly worn as a wedding outfit. This is a traditional outfit for men and was initially worn by males of certain geographical areas considering their very own culture but now it is popular worldwide. Now- a –days most people even from other countries also prefer to dress in this attire for their D-day. It is normally worn on top of a kurta and paired up with churidhar pyjama or salwar. This dress is having its history since ancient times. You can even wear dhoti also along with it. A scarf or stole is also used to drape over on one shoulder or both the shoulders. It is made of heavy suiting fabric, fits close to the body, and is fastened by buttons in the front. Sherwani for men comes in wide range of different fabrics, colors, patterns, designs and brands.

Sherwani can be made out of different fabrics depending on the personal preference as well as the budget. Usually it is made out of silk and polyester but can also be made out of cotton. But cotton won’t give that elegant and luxurious look to the attire. The fabric is then heavily embroidered using sequins, stones or crystals and these articles only make sherwani different then other normal dresses.  Sherwanis are available in different colors but Indian bridegroom usually opts for red, maroon, and golden colors. Some may choose for off white, grey or even black. The exact color depends on the time of wedding whether it happens on day or night, the complexion of the groom as well as his personal preference. Accessories that are must to be worn along with sherwanis are stole. Its color depends on the color of sherwani. Jootis or Mojris are usual footwear worn with it but if you are uncomfortable then can go for sandals as well. Other accessories which give that rich look to sherwani are a watch, gold or silver cufflinks, gold bracelet and a chain.

As there are plenty of options it is not an easy task to select sherwani for men Online especially for a wedding occasion. The ideal thing to do is to go for wedding stores and find out if they have something that is on your mind. Another option is to get raw material of your choice and then get it stitched from any boutique which will give perfect fitting and elegant look but in that case also it is not easy to choose the pattern. So better go for shops which have sherwani as ready to wear so that one can have better idea and comfort to choice. If you don’t have time then you can even buy it through online also. As online shopping has become more popular, the choices are also plenty. It is also time-saving with huge varieties available. So make your day special by choosing this elegant, classic attire which is  ever green for weddings.