Seating Plan

Seating Plan Stress Solved

There are many stresses involved in planning a wedding- what to wear, what to eat and who to invite etc… but as a fellow bride to be myself the most stressful part of the planning processes, was for me by far the seating plan.

There are always some kind of family politics that you have to consider, not to mention the sizes of the tables and how many people need to be seated and where. It can be a headache to say the least. Then there is the physical plan that needs to be arranged, and having one done professionally can be ridiculously expensive, especially if you are a bride on a budget. Here are a few tips to keep the costs down and to keep you on the straight and narrow.

One of the best pieces of advice I took was to sit and talk about what I wanted, fellow brides take note! It makes it far easier. I would sit down with your groom and first of all make a list of everyone that is coming to your wedding, once you have a confirmed list of numbers, this is where the sun starts!, you can either do it one of two ways, both of which are so easy and will save you much time and fretting:

Family First Vs. Take Your Pick

It may be far easier to seat guests according to families, this works particularly well with larger families.  You may find that by seating people in families it makes it far easier, as it eradicates all of the normal issues bride and grooms face such as  ‘what if they don’t know each other’ and ‘what will they talk about’. Some people like to mix it up and seat people next to someone new, although this is a great way of introducing your family and friends to new people; you are also taking the risk of creating an awkward atmosphere. It’s best to seat people by their nearest and dearest.

Another great way of reliving the stress of sorting the searing plan, is to simple let guests sit where they like – initially this does sound a little hectic, but it makes perfect sense. As long as your top table is outlines, let guests sit where they like, it’s a great opportunity for them to catch up with family members and friends that they haven’t seen in ages, and it’s a great way of creating a light hearted atmosphere  which is exactly what you want at your wedding.

They key is to simply not stress about things , it will all be ok on the day, take your time and talk it through with your friends and family.

Written by Steph Payne. Steph is the blogging and PR coordinator at The Watch Hut, the UK’s largest watch website.  Steph is a wedding planner and bride to be herself and is always interesting in anything and everything to do with the world of weddings