Make the Engagement Process as Stress-Free as Possible

Getting engaged can do a number on many people.

From the price of a ring to pulling off the surprise proposal, many guys get a little stressed.
That said a little time and prep will make things go better. Will you put the right time and effort into your engagement preparations?
Be a Pro-Active Ring Shopper

Whether unique moissanite engagement rings or others, be pro-active in ring shopping.

To start, will you use the Internet to help you find the right ring?

Given today’s digital age, many jewelers have put time and effort into being on the worldwide web. As a result, you stand to benefit.

Before you set foot in a local jewelry store, consider doing the following:

  • Internet searches – Scan the Internet for what some jewelers’ offer in engagement rings. This will make it easier on you when you head into the stores to shop. By having an idea of certain ring selections, you can get a better feel for both selection and price.
  • Family and friends – Ask family and friends about their respective experiences. They can prove to be great sources of information. As an example, did a brother of yours shop for an engagement ring recently for his special lady? If so, where did he go to buy the ring? What kind of price did he end up paying? Did the jeweler offer any kind of payment plan? Last, if there were any problems with the ring with maintenance, did the jeweler fix the matter?
  • Comparison shopping – Compare prices among your area jewelry stores. Doing this allows you to have some negotiating power when you walk in the door. If Jeweler A can offer an engagement ring at $300 less than Jeweler B, what will the latter do to bring down their price?

Knowing When to Present the Ring

Once you have the engagement ring in-hand, the next big decision of course is when and where to present it.

For some guys, this decision is not all that difficult. Others, meantime, may worry that they will not choose the right time or place to get down on one knee and propose.

Among some of the more common engagement proposal settings:

  • Nice area restaurant
  • Weekend resort trip out of town
  • Sporting or concert venue
  • The bride-to-be’s parents’ home

No matter where you end up deciding to propose, do your best to make it as stress-free as possible. Also, do all you can to keep the surprise effect in order.

Once all engagement decisions are behind you, you can think about wedding plans.

So, want to talk about some real stress?

Planning a wedding should keep you pretty occupied over the coming months or even years.

In the meantime, take some time to sit back and enjoy the fact that you’ve gotten engaged to the person of your dreams.





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October 3, 2017