Keeping Your Cool from Engagement to Wedding Day

Whether a man or a woman, there’s a good chance you get a little stressed going from a proposal to your wedding day.

From finding the right engagement ring to planning what is oftentimes the big day in life, how will you deal?

For many couples, taking some advice from those who’ve been down this road before is always a great first step. Having a better idea of what may likely happen should ease the tension that is only natural.

Another positive transitioning from engagement to wedding is relying on one another. By having each other’s back, there is less room for serious stress to work its way in.

With that being the case, will you and your partner both keep your cool from the engagement to the wedding day?

Let the Engagement Start a Wonderful Life Together

Although it starts with a date, couples begin their lives together when the man has proposed. In doing so, he is telling her that he chooses to live the rest of his life with her.

If you are expecting your guy to propose to you any day now, what kind of ring are you hoping for?

Whether considering Aquamarine diamond engagement rings or others; find the right ring.

Sure, there is a wedding ring around the corner. Until then, your engagement ring is the piece of jewelry showing the commitment made.

That said shopping as a couple for the ring is not a bad idea. Although some may feel it will ruin the surprise of proposing, being on the same page is always a good idea.

Of most importance, neither of you should stress over the engagement process. By working as a team, life should not become a regular stress machine for either of you.

When the Wedding Day is Around the Corner

When time to prepare for the big day, it is imperative that you and your partner are on the same page as often as possible.

Among the most important decisions:


  • What type of reception to have


  • Where to go on your honeymoon

Although it is a fair amount of planning, don’t let it get the best of you.

By tackling each task at-hand, you and your spouse-to-be can end up with a wedding to remember.

Using the Engagement and Wedding as Barometers

With both the engagement and the wedding in the rearview mirror, be sure to use both as working together.

Yes, there will be some challenging times ahead in your respective lives.

That said having planned and enjoyed two of the most important events in life is good training. Learning one another’s strengths and weaknesses oftentimes comes into play. This is especially true in making important decisions as a couple.

From there, you’re of course ready to start thinking about a family, yes?

Well, that may not be the case right away.




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September 1, 2017