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Inspirational Jewellery From Around The World

Jewellry varies massively within different areas of the world and no two items are ever the same. With such a variety and so many options it’s interesting to see how one cultures jewellery is incorporated into another’s. By mixing and matching we create new items that could possibly become associated with a culture themselves years down the line. In this blog we’re going to look at 4 pieces of jewellery from around the world that inspire.

The bindi – The bindi is a religious item of jewellery mainly worn in South Asia & Southeast Asia. It is usually a bright red dot on the forehead but can also incorporate jewellery worn in this location. They have a number of religious significances but are commonly used in the west as a fashion item. They became popular with girls in the US during the 90s thanks to people like Gwen Stefani but are seeing a current resurgence. Because of their association with South Asia, traditional Asian garments are usually worn with them, but the beauty of this subtle item is it can be worn with anything. The Jazzy Bindi is popular at the moment thanks to the variety offered.

Wampum – These traditional shell beads were used as jewellery by the indigenous people of North America. They are usually white and purple in colour and can be used to create necklaces, bracelets, belts or a number of other items of jewellery. It was even used as a currency! The adaptability of these shell beads means that they are a perfect material to fashion a number of different items from. If you’re looking to incorporate a Native American vibe into your jewellery then Wampum shells might be a great idea.

Claddagh ring – This is a traditional ring from Ireland that symbolises love, loyalty and friendship. It shows that jewellery can stand for something rather than just look pretty, inspiring many to take symbolism onto their designs. The rings date from Roman times and are still extremely popular today. They are often given to loved ones and family members and their design uses hands to show friendship, a crown to show loyalty and a heart for love. They are also used as wedding rings and are more commonly found amongst those of Irish heritage.

African tribal beads – We’re all familiar with the image of tribes in Africa covered in these beads. They’re often used to surround the neck and wrists and because of how easy they are to manufacture they were and still are popular with indigenous tribes. In more modern cultures they are consistently popular across the board and can be adapted to suit up to date fashion trends. Beads can be swapped out but the more traditional ones are usually brown in colour and have white patterns painted onto them.

These are 4 items of jewellery that are usually associated with certain cultures of the world but have influenced modern jewellery a huge amount. Through matching one locations jewellery with another’s we create unique pieces that could stand the test of time like the items we have listed here.