How to Keep the Kids Entertained During Your Wedding

Your big day is coming up and you will have lots of friends and family around you to celebrate your marriage. You’ve been planning the party and you are sure that you can keep the adults entertained – all you need is a dance floor and an open bar. But what about your younger guests?

Keeping kids happy at a wedding can be a challenge because the little ones have a short attention span and get bored with socialising. When kids are bored at your wedding they can start getting cranky and causing trouble, which leads to distracted parents, a stressful atmosphere and sometimes even guests heading home early. Ideally, you can offer activities at your wedding that will keep the little ones engaged and having fun. Then, their parents can relax too and have a good time and everyone can enjoy themselves more.

So, what can you offer as entertainment for kids at your wedding? Here are some ideas:

Have a Kids Craft Table

Set up a table with crayons and paper and let them make their own wedding artwork. (Make sure that there is nothing messy like paint which could stain their fancy clothes.) You could hire someone to staff the table and to supervise the art making, even leading them in some fun craft activities and teaching them new techniques.

You could even simply cover the table with butcher paper and have the kids colour directly onto it, decorating a huge wedding banner. Another option is placemats for them to colour in and draw on, or a stack of colouring books. Better yet, offer it all so that the kids can choose what they want to do.

Set Up Outdoor Games

If you are having an outdoor wedding, you could set up some great games out on the grass. Ring Toss is a classic, as well as Cornhole. You could even get an oversized game of Jenga or a large chessboard. There are many great Carnival-style games that are great for kids.

Hire a Kid’s Entertainer

Whether it is a silly clown who makes balloon animals or a Princess Elsa look-alike, a kid’s entertainer can fascinate the young guests at your wedding venue in Cheshire and lead them in some fun activities. Read reviews of the children’s entertainers in your area and meet with a few of them to see if they are a good match for your wedding.

Dress Up Photo Booth

Another great idea is to set up a photo booth and a box of fun dress up clothes such as silly hats, glasses, masks and much more. The young ones will get quite a few giggles out of dressing up and posing for silly photos. Plus, your adult guests will probably want to try it out as well. This makes for some very fun and light-hearted photos to add to your wedding album.

Create a Lego Tub

For this kid’s activity all you need is a small plastic children’s swimming pool and as much Lego as you can gather. (Ask friends with kids if you can borrow their Lego collection for the wedding). Place the pool on the floor and fill it with the Lego. Keeping it all contained in a pool will help stop the Lego from spreading all over the floor and making a mess. Boys and girls of all ages love Lego and they can spend hours happily building creations, so this is a great way to keep the little ones entertained.

Create a Kid’s Room

Hire a babysitter or two and set up a kid’s room where the little ones can be dropped off while their parents enjoy the party. If you are having the wedding in hotels in Cheshire this could be an extra hotel room in which you order pizza, set up games and watch a kid-friendly movie. The young and tired ones could nap on the beds later in the evening while the older kids are entertained with movies and activities. You could even set up a video game station, which will really keep the kids entertained! (They might not want to go home).

These are just a few of the ways that you can keep the little ones entertained during your wedding. If you add a few elements into your wedding with kids in mind they will be so much happier, engaged and better behaved – and they will remember your wedding as the best one they have ever been to!

September 10, 2016