External Counter Pulsation Therapy

Enhanced External Counter Pulsation Therapy: Counter the angina

Have you seen people suffering from angina pain and scared of the same? Have you heard people of involving in serious discussion of heart pain? Yes, heart problem or chest pain is considered as serious disease or problem in human body. Heart being the most vital organ of body need to function in a proper way to keep the body fit. The heart has the function of pumping the blood in whole body. When the blood flow disrupts due to blockage in arteries, heart cannot pump the blood in proper way and person feels angina pain. Traditionally for such problem, operative options are suggested. In general majority of people prefer to avoid such surgery. For such patients, Enhanced External Counter Pulsation Therapy is proved as the best solution.

Enhanced External Counter Pulsation in short known as EECP therapy helps to flow the blood in normal way and keeps the patient free from pain. This therapy practically received approval in ‘90s and since then it is popular with medical professionals. In this therapy, treatment of one or two hours can relieve you forever from angina. In this treatment pneumatic cuffs are attached to calves, lower and upper thighs. These cuffs inflate and deflate matching the rhythm of heart systole and diastole to adjust the blood flow. This therapy is very popular and has proved as boon for heart patients due to its painless feature.

This therapy is suggested to patients who suffer from frequent angina pain and have already undergone heavy medication but still not recovered from it. Even for the patients who have gone through the angioplasty or bypass surgery, this therapy has provided the best perfect and permanent solution. This therapy is best fit for patients who do not want to go for traditional operative options or due to some or the other causes cannot opt for the same. In some cases where operation is not an available option due to poor medical history, this treatment is the only solution. Even if the patient does not want to go for operation due to fear of cutting the organs this treatment is best help as only few bruises can be seen on body like a normal injury and scratch.

Though this treatment is really impressive and boon for angina patients there are some cases where this treatment is not recommended. Patients who suffer from frequent heart failure are not suggested this treatment. Even the patients with blood pressure above 180/110 mmHg are not recommended for this treatment. This treatment is also not suitable for pregnant ladies, patients of phlebitis, extreme arrhythmia and pulmonary diseases.

But comparing the limitations, benefits received from Enhanced External Counter Pulsation therapy are far ahead. The patients once have undergone this therapy can get relieved from angina pain forever. Patient has not to undergo any observations, tests or treatment ever and can live normal life immediately after the treatment. Patient need not wait for any recovery period as well. So it is rightly said as boon for angina patients.