Creative Coffee Mugs
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Creative Coffee Mugs For The Everyday Cup Of Joe

Ah, that fragrant, delicious, scrumptious, caffeine boosting, eye-opening, aromatic, delicious cup of morning Joe. Did we mention we love coffee? Yep, we do, and we like a funny cup to sip it from almost as much as we love that first dose of the morning grind!


Yes, great coffee can certainly be enjoyed from a plain white ceramic coffee mug. Why be plain though, when there are so many wildly creative coffee mugs out there to enjoy our everyday cup of Joe in? Here are a few of our favorites:


The Frog Coffee Mug

Once you’ve savored the tasty bite of your favorite French Roast in a comical “frog” cup, you’ll never go back to Styrofoam! These novelty cups look from the outside like a common white mug, but inside lurks a little frog (in green painted ceramic), attached to the bottom. When full, no one can see the little guy, but after a few sips, he is quickly revealed, much to Aunt Bertha’s horror. Perfect for the practical joker in the family.


Big City Mugs

Everyone has a favorite city, whether it’s the one they live in, or a place so wonderful, like New York or Paris, it qualifies as the city of our dreams. If airfare is just too high, why not travel there each morning by having a sip from a favorite cup emblazoned with the image of your favorite city?


Head Drink Mugs

Some characters are so beloved, like Santa Claus or Fred Flintstone, we’d like to drink a case of them! Anyway, that’s the feeling we get when we see a coffee cup in the shape of a character’s head. These mugs are a lot of fun to have around, as the character seems to be smiling at us even while we’re drinking out of the top of its head. Weird, but fun too.


The Optical Illusion Coffee Mug

Funny coffee mugs have gotten more ornate. We like the very tricky optical illusion type mugs. These mugs usually have a face with eyes, and as you drink your coffee, the eyes wink at you. Again, weirdly fun way to start the day.


Custom Coffee Tumblers

After all of these perhaps your creative juices are flowing. Why not design your own custom coffee tumblers that you can use to promote your business. Share them with your clients and employees to show how much you appreciate them. You can choose from hundreds of HALO drinkware options including over 30 different types of customized coffee mugs and tumblers to get your brand into the hands of coffee drinkers.