2017 Pearl Jewelry Style Guide

The popularity of pearl jewelry is indisputable. Aside from their glamorous appearance, one of the best aspects of pearls is their timelessness. While a stunning set of pearls has the potential to last a lifetime and beyond, you’ll need to take steps to ensure they last as long as intended. Delicate in all their beauty, pearls need to be protected against the elements in order to maintain their true shine. There are a number of things you can do to extend the life of your pearls, one of which is routine pearl restringing. Having your pearls restrung regularly is your best line of defense against deterioration.


There are a number of reasons why pearl restringing is essential for keeping your favorite jewelry as elegant as can be. Firstly, pearl restringing will keep your strand looking clean, as older silk threads can get dirty or gray over time, which will cause the pearls themselves to look less vibrant.  Pearl restringing is also important to prevent the thread from stretching, which will cause the pearls to sit crookedly on your wrist or neck.  And, of course, pearl restringing can prevent your strand from ripping entirely.


Pearl restringing should be done by a professional who will use the utmost care to ensure no damage comes to your precious pearls. From tools to technique, a professional restringing service is vital in caring for your jewelry. Some recommend restring pearls annually or bi-annually to help them maintain their best appearance.


Restringing your pearls is also beneficial if you’re hoping to alter the look of your pearls. Breathe new life into your favorite strand by adding in rondels or a striking clasp. Doing so can help you extend the life of your pearls, and make them more suitable for the clothing already in your closet. You may also choose to switch the string of your pearls to luxurious silk. As timeless as they are, pearls can be made more trendy with a few simple adjustments. You can even repurpose certain pieces, making them entirely new. Turn a pearl necklace into a cool pearl bracelet for a fun change of pace or simply switch out the clasp to create a new look.


A few tips on how to preserve your pearls:


There are steps you can take to care for your pearls beyond the process of restringing. Be sure to apply perfume, hair spray and other chemicals before you put your pearls on. Harsh products, as well as sweat, have the power to stain your pearls, which will dull their shine over time. Wiping pearls with a lint-free cloth prior to wearing them is another great way to ensure shine.


Store your pearls carefully, as the environment in which they are kept can impact their luster. Avoid storing them in airtight spaces, in direct sunlight, or in dry areas, which can cause them to crack or dry out. Ideally, store pearls in a silk, chamois or felt jewelry bag.


Avoid cleaning pearls with harsh products or using an ultrasonic cleaner. Instead, fill a bowl with lukewarm water and add a drop of a mild dish soap, then gently rub pearls with fingers to loosen any dirt. Rinse your pearls in cold water three times, then wipe them using a soft cloth and allow to air dry on top of a flat surface. Following these simple tips can make all the difference in making sure your pearls remain gorgeous for years to come.


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May 7, 2017