Bringing Shine: How To Wear Jewelry Fashionably

Nothing makes us smile and glow like a fashionable ring, a well-designed necklace or chic and charming earrings. Whether they be large in size or small, whether the gems be real or fake, the effect subtle or overt, jewelry is meant to buoy spirits. Think of the smile and awe on the face of a woman when she is given an eternity ring, encrusted with precious stones, or her excitement when she sorts through some new costume jewelry.

Jewelry is meant to enhance look. Beads, earrings shaped like tear drops or chandeliers could change a drab looking dress into something which stands out. Below are a few tips to help you use jewelry to its fashionable best.

Personal Style Statements

Jewelry is generally a very personal subject. A lot of us do receive jewelry through gifts, family heirlooms and special purchases for special occasions. Some women find it impossible to leave their homes without a bunch of necklaces around them. Some prefer small earrings while others prefer long and extravagant ones. Some women need bangles and others need brooches. Do not feel stressed out by your personal preferences. Remember to enjoy yourself while adding personal statements to your style.

Mixing and Matching With Taste

There are some basics to stick with when you’re attempting to pair clothes and accessories together. If you’re wearing clothes which have intricate designs or draw a lot of attention, then the jewelry worn with it should be simple, in order to provide contrast to your look. Be careful of buying gaudy and exceptionally cheap imitation jewelry as they may make you look garish.


Never add too many layers or strands of necklaces, you may end up feeling heavy and strained. If you’re wearing a wide choker or a similar type of necklace, then do not add anything else, the choker will add enough glamour. Remember that tops with open necklines or tops with one color draw attention to the accessories that you wear with them, specifically, the necklace. Another good way to judge what to wear, is to shorten the necklace with the shortness of your hemline. The atmosphere you create is important as well, whether it be punk chick, to bohemian ease to a proper and sophisticated look.


Earrings are in everybody’s eye line and while people may not notice your bangles or other accessories (unless they’re too loud!), they will most certainly notice your earrings. Small studs are great for that small bit of bling. Diamond studs go with everything but there are other stones such as pearls or even metals such as silver which are versatile and can be used with different settings. If you’re wearing something more extravagant such as a chandelier earring, then go easy on the accompanying accessories, the chandelier will draw enough attention.


It does not matter if you do not have a beautiful eternity ring to adorn your hands, there are so many options available today which cater to each preference and budget. You can wear a large ring with a simple dress or stack your rings to create an edgy and fresh look. If you’re looking to stack rings, ensure that they can be twisted and made to fit with each other. It’s always better not to wear rings on all your fingers. If you like wearing a number of rings, never wear rings on more than two fingers on each hand. A word of advice, make sure your nails are properly done, because if you’re wearing a ring, your nails will be in focus as well.


Katelyn Spears is a fashion writer who worked as a jewelry designer for fifteen years before shifting to fashion based journalism. Kate, as she likes to be called, has written various reviews for numerous styles of eternity rings, earrings, brooches and bracelets. Contact her for advice related to pairing different accessories together and what to do in times of a fashion crisis.